Our Services

Blue Tower Consulting Group provides a unique and specialized suite of services in the following areas:

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Business Development

Including marketing, public relations, branding, advertising, conference and event planning and representation, sales strategy and sales implementation

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Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Utilizing our extensive network of senior level executives to source potential partners build brand awareness and garner rapid sales growth

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Management Consulting

Specialize in numerous areas including change management, customer relationship management, process analysis, technology implementation and training, employee development, operational improvement services, and supply-chain management.

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Strategic Communications & Advocacy

Public relations, corporate representation, government advocacy for large scale projects and permits, community outreach, regulatory strategy, representation with federal state and local governments.

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Government Contracting Services

Bidding assistance and management, advising on application processes for business certifications that give special status such as with United States veterans.

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Technology Development

Assist in finding research and development/technical assistance partners to increase potential for commercialization of innovative technologies including federal agencies, state agencies, universities, nonprofit research institutions in the United States.

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Market Research/Feasibility Studies

Conduct a data intensive survey of the market, determine project viability and profit potential, evaluate initial investment requirements, consider alternative measures, increase the probability of success by addressing potential project impediments.

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